Beaphar Crunchy Yoghurt Paste For Cats 100g

Beaphar Crunchy Yoghurt Paste For Cats 100g

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Beaphar Crunchy Yoghurt Paste is the special treat for daily rewards. The crunchy crunchies surrounded by a seductive yoghurt cream, provide an irresistible taste experience. The calcium and vitamin D3 support strong teeth and a strong bone construction. Biotin and vitamin A also promote a beautiful and shiny coat.

Dosage: Suitable for cats over 12 weeks of age. Give your cat 2 cm of paste daily . This can be given over the food or directly from the tube. Always keep fresh drinking water available.

  • Crunchy crunchies in fine yoghurt cream ensure an irresistible taste experience
  • Promotes a beautiful and shiny coat
  • Grain free
  • No added sugar

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