Beaphar FUNctional Treat Pâté 100g

Beaphar FUNctional Treat Pâté 100g

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Beaphar FUNctional Treat Pâté is a complementary feed for dogs, that can be given as a reward. As it's made with liver, many dogs love the taste, which makes it a a useful tool in administering medications to reluctant dogs; either squeeze a small amount onto the tablet, or, try mixing with a crushed medicine or liquid and offer it as a tasty starter to your dog's regular meal. Beaphar FUNctional Treat Pâté can also be squeezed inside toys or chews to keep dogs amused and prevent any unwanted chewing and other boredom related behaviors. Just because treats are often used as rewards doesn't mean that they have to be unhealthy - in fact it's a good opportunity to get extra nutrients into your dog's diet.


Max. 1 gram (=3cm) per 5 kg. Once a day

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