Beaphar Algolith 500g

Beaphar Algolith 500g

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Algolith is a neutral sea algae meal, made by fastidious preparation methods and can be used for dogs, cats, birds and small animals.

It contains a relatively high percentage of trace elements (e.g. Iodine) and vitamins, and therefore has a very favorable action on all body functions. Algolith strengthens the natural color of the coat, feathers, eyes and nose and ensures a healthy, glossy coat/plumage.

ruw eiwit 8,1%, ruw vet 1,8%, ruwe celstof 4,3%, ruwe as 27%, Ca 1,6%, P 0,16%, Na 4,3%, Vitamin B2 4,9 ppm, Vitamin B3 183 ppm, Vitamin C 375 ppm

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