Cat Comfort Litter Lemon

Cat Comfort Litter Lemon

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Highly absorbent naturally non – toxic Bentonite 100%

  • Hygienic 

Through high temperature processing, bacterial activity is reduced and the product is made hygienic bacteria within the urine are locked up safely contained

  • Speedy Odor Reduction

The Clumping absorbs the odor of cat’s urine and feces. The microorganisms in cat’s urine and faces which are the cause of odor of Cat’s urine And feces will be cleared out when cat’s urine and feces are filmy  captured within the clump by cat litter. So your cat box is always smelled clean

  • Powerful Clumping Action

Strongly absorbent + powerful clumping is mean when your cat excrete urine and feces in the cat litter box, urine and faces will be contained quickly in the clump. So you can easily scoop up the clumped portion to cast off.

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