Crispy Crunch with Poultry 60g

Crispy Crunch with Poultry 60g

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Crunchy fun that has it all! The irresistibly crispy snack pillows with poultry have a wonderfully creamy filling and are therefore an absolute highlight for your cat , bite for bite . Ideal as a small reward or for lovingly pampering in between.

  • Crunchy cereal pillows with a creamy filling
  • With wholesome poultry
  • Sugar free formula
  • In a resealable bag


Cereals (wheat, rice), meat and animal by-products (poultry 21.1%), oils and fats, vegetable protein extracts, vegetable by-products (from wheat, powdered cellulose), milk and dairy products, minerals, fish and fish by-products


Fat content 20.00%
Protein 30.00% Crude
ash 6.00%
Crude fiber 3.50%


Nutritional physiological additives:

3a672a Vitamin A 5,000.00IE
3a671 Vitamin D3 500.00IE
3a370 Taurine 1,000.00mg

With coloring and antioxidants.

Feeding recommendation:

In between as a snack to indulge. Max. 15 pieces per day.

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