Drools Chicken & Liver Chunks in Gravy Adult Pouch 150g

Drools Chicken & Liver Chunks in Gravy Adult Pouch 150g

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Drools Real Chicken and Liver in Gravy offers your dog a fresh and tasty meal that is rich in aroma which boosts the appetite of your pet. This great-tasting dog food contains a high proportion of vitamins to support your dog’s health and immune system. While the included minerals help to maintain your dog’s dental health. This pack gives your dog a balanced diet with delicious taste. Your pet will love the loaf in gravy, which provides all the nutrients required for a healthy life.

  • Maintains Joint Health

A healthy meal with essential nutrients like vitamins and other organic minerals supports stronger joint.

  • Better digestibility and health

The tempting aroma of this food, boost the appetite of your adult. A wholesome meal that not only fills the tummy but improve the digestive system of your adult as well.

  • Healthy skin and coat

Enriched with real chicken, which is an excellent source of high quality protein supports the healthy skin and shiny coat. The combination of essential amino acids with vitamins and minerals helps to maintain soft and shiny coat

  • Healthy bones and stronger teeth

A wholesome meal with all the nutritional value maintains healthy bones & stronger teeth.

  • Enriched with Bioplex, Mycosorb and Yea-Sacc for better result in overall pet performance
  • High protein content in the food promotes optimum growth and muscle development

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