Firm Pet Grooming Comb

Firm Pet Grooming Comb

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Keep your mate looking great with this top-quality grooming comb. Combs are great for teasing out knot clusters, removing loose hair and getting the coat tangle-free and ready for clipping.

IDEAL FOR: Removing loose hair and finishing cutting styles


  • Strong, durable comb
  • Extra grip handle
  • Comfy to hold 

Gently comb away from your dog's skin in the same direction as the coat grows. Take your time and slowly stroke from the top of the body towards the tail.

Some dogs love grooming, others are a bit nervous. If you dog is uneasy with the comb, go slowly and calmly. You can use treats and praise to build positive associations with grooming.

Comb regularly. It's a great way to check your pet's overall skin health and to sneak in some cuddles and bonding.

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