JA! Multipack of Fine Appetizers in Sauce 8x100g

JA! Multipack of Fine Appetizers in Sauce 8x100g

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JA! Multipack fine appetizers in sauce contain 4 different food sets that are guaranteed to give your darling culinary pleasure. Whether poultry, beef, chicken or fish, all popular varieties are included. Due to the large selection, there is guaranteed not to be boredom with your velvet paw.

  • Complete feed for adult cats
  • no added sugar
  • without artificial colors and preservatives
  • Content per bowl: 100g
  • The varieties are included:
    • with beef in sauce
    • with poultry in yogurt dressing
    • with chicken in sauce
    • with salmon in a herb-cream sauce


With beef in sauce: 
meat and animal by-products (4% from beef), grain, minerals, vegetable by-products (0.4% inulin, apple extract)
With chicken in sauce:
meat and animal by-products (4% from chicken), grain, minerals , vegetable by-products (0.4% inulin, apple extract)
With poultry in yoghurt dressing:
Meat and animal by-products (4% of poultry), milk and dairy products (4% yoghurt), cereals, oils and fats, minerals
With salmon in a creamy herb sauce :
Meat and animal by-products, fish and fish by-products (5% of salmon), oils and fats, grain, milk and dairy products (1% cream), minerals, vegetable by-products (0.4% inulin), herbs 0.03%


Nutritional additives / kg: vitamin D3 200 IU, vitamin E 100 mg, iodine (as calcium iodate, anhydrous) 0.1 mg, copper (as copper (II) amino acid chelate hydrate) 1.0 mg, zinc (as zinc sulfate, monohydrate ) 11.4 mg, manganese (as manganese (II) sulfate, monohydrate) 1.4 mg, taurine 350 mg, biotin 100 µg

analytical components

With beef in sauce / With chicken in sauce:
raw protein 10.0%, fat content 5.0%,
raw ash 2.0%, raw fiber 0.3%, moisture 81.0%
With poultry in yoghurt dressing:
raw protein 9.0%, Fat content 5.0%,
raw ash 2.2%, raw fiber 0.3%, moisture 82.0%
With salmon in herbal cream sauce:
raw protein 9.5%, fat content 5.5%,
raw ash 2.2%, raw fiber 0 , 3%, humidity 80.0%

weight variety Feed amount in g / day
up to 3kg Beef 190-230g
4kg Beef 250-280g
5kg Beef 270-320g
6kg Beef 290-360g
up to 3kg poultry 190-240g
4kg poultry 260-290g
5kg poultry 290-340g
6kg poultry 310-390g
up to 3kg chicken 190-230g
4kg chicken 250-280g
5kg chicken 270-320g
6kg chicken 290-360g
up to 3kg salmon 190-210g
4kg salmon 230-260g
5kg salmon 260-300g
6kg salmon 280-340g


The information is intended as a guideline. Individual needs vary depending on age, breed, housing conditions and activity. Divide the daily ration into at least 2 portions and feed at room temperature. The additional feeding of snacks should be taken into account in the daily ration. Please always provide fresh drinking water.

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