Koco Tugz
Koco Tugz

Koco Tugz

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For pets that love to tug! If pet mama and pet papa want to join in on the action the Koco Tugz is the best solution. Encourage your pets to jump and catch as you control this toy and give your pet the exercise needed. Ideal for play with pets in small spaces and to create that perfect bond between pet parent and pet.

Sizes from 3 inches to 3.9 inches (diameter) & 12 inch loop handle (length)

Made with coir rope & cotton thread.  A ball with an extended handle to play with dogs.

  • Made with coir and biodegradable nontoxic natural material.
  • Stimulates active play in pets due to the natural feel of the material.
  • Cleanse teeth and promotes healthy gums.
  • 100% hand made.
  • 100% Sri Lankan.

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