Kurin Kat Flushable Litter

Kurin Kat Flushable Litter

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Kurin Kat Litter is plant based & very environmentally friendly. It is 100% biodegradable and is generally made of wood shavings, wheat, barley, corn, peanut shells, recycled paper, straw or other plant-based materials.

Biodegradable, Flushable & 100% Natural.

• Easy Scooping - Amazing clumping ability, through continuous research and development. Easy to use for cat owners.

• Biodegradable - Decomposable. Kurin Kat's cat litter can be decomposed naturally. After used, it can be discharged into the toilet, making it more convenient to use.

• Cat Friendliness - Safety to use. Kurin Kat are made with quality corn cob according to BETAGRO standard. Moreover, Kurin Kat is also made from 100% natural material ensuring maximum safety for owners and cats.

• High Absorbability Odour Control - Excellent odor removal and water absorption. Based on the tests from the faculty of Science Chulalongkorn University. Kurin Kat can absorb up to 84% of ammonia, while absorb more than 600% of water, leaving no disturbing odor throughout the day. Guaranteed to get rid of odor with proven results from Chulalongkorn University. Suitable for use in the bedroom or any other areas.

• Low Dust - Little dust, because we understand that dust is a problem for both you and your cat. Therefore, we attention to every step in our production process to ensure the least dust, for a better quality of life for your beloved cat.

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