Pet Grooming Glove
Pet Grooming Glove

Pet Grooming Glove

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Pet Grooming Glove: Added stitches around the wrists to ensure that they would not be torn. Using 180 silica gel massage heads evenly distributed on the hair removal gloves, imitating the touch of your hand, providing a soft and relaxing massage, a good job of easily picking up pet hair, allowing you to remove dirt and loose hair from cats and dogs. Breathable mesh and elastic spandex fabric can perfectly fit most hand shapes.

Efficient Hair Remover: Perfect for long, short, and curly-haired dogs, cats, horses, and other pets, grooming the hair quickly, gently, and effectively; the fallen hair sticks to the gloves, it is easy to peel off and throw away the hair, if your pet If the hair falls on the sofa or carpet, you can also use it to pick up the hair well.

Bathing brush gloves: Use this glove to bathe pets, easily remove loose pet hair, gently massage pets, without any material that may cause skin damage; strengthened five-finger design, imitating hand contact, promoting blood circulation, allowing you to modify Faces and tails, and other hard-to-reach places; let you and your pet enjoy the fun of bathing, pets are no longer afraid of bathing time.

Healthy & skin-friendly: The soft rubber ensures gentle massage and touch-up without painful removal or scratching of the skin; one size fits everyone, with an adjustable wrist strap, comfortable to wear, whether it is wet or dry, you and your pets like it.

Directions : 1: Place the glove on your hand, carefully adjusting the wrist strap to ensure a comfortable fit. 2: Start grooming your pet with the rubber side. 3: When enough fur has been removed, you can easily peel it off the glove.

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