Scissor Pooper Scooper

Scissor Pooper Scooper

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Designed for picking up poops of your dog, cat, other pets

Made of non-toxic plastic, environmental-friendly

Suitable to use at home and during traveling Convenient and durable in use

Place pet waste bag, tissue or toilet paper over the waste

Safe and reliable materials:

This product is made of environmentally friendly plastic, durable, non-toxic and harmless, you can rest assured to use. Our product is washable so you can clean it at any time.

EASY TO CLEAN: You can put paper towels in pet waste or wrap shovels in plastic collection bags. There is no need to worry about hygiene at all, and it is very convenient to clean.

KEEP YOUR HANDS CLEAN: You can finish cleaning without touching pet waste. The whole process is quick and worry-free. You need supplies for taking pets: Whether taking your pets on trips or going out to parties and other outdoor activities, you will need a product of this type. There is no need to worry too much about pet waste in public. Cleaning it elegantly and quickly will not embarrass you.

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